Hello you.


Yes you.


I see you.


I really see you.


And you are utterly


and Irrevocably





You have forgotten your innate beauty/You have remembered your innate beauty/You need head shots/You need beauty shots/Your boss said you have to/Your business needs some gorgeous promotion/Something so, so big is happening in your life/Your butt looks amazing in those jeans/You love him/You love her/He needs to know what he is missing/She needs to know what she is missing/Prom/Your kid is actually the cutest/Your dog. cat, horse, llama is actually the cutest/You love your guitar more than people/You want to remember this self in ten years/Your event must be immortalized/Engagement/You are sick of ugly phone photos that make your nose look the size of an Italian sausage/You hate having your picture taken/You love having your picture taken/You want to feel like a rock star model god(ess)/You never want to forget this.