Hello, my name is Suzanne Kulperger.

I am a passionate photographer, event planner, and writer. I am currently located in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. I love taking pictures. I love photography. I love, love it. Photography is, in its very nature, an act of recognition. For me, it is about capturing a special, personal, once in a lifetime moment and making it into a work of art.


Why shoot with me?

The first and most basic reason?  I'm a really good photographer. That's quite important, no? Whether we are shooting you, your kids, your art, your garden, your pet, your gallery, your big event, or even your newly remodeled kitchen, my singular goal is that you absolutely love your shots. Having spent a great deal of time both in front of and behind the lens, I know the vulnerability of the experience. I listen to your vision for your shoot. I really listen. We will talk about all the details. We will discuss what I can achieve and what I cannot. We will have quite a bit of fun. There will be laughter, that I can guarantee. I believe that if you are going to pay for a professional shoot, the experience should be as great as the final product.

Let's be honest...We have all seen way too many pictures that don't capture what we wanted captured, especially when we are in front of the lens. Disappointing, or even cringe worthy shots. Oh, those iPhone photos. I won't do that to you. I know angles. I see what will look incredible in a photo. I will not send you a photograph unless I feel that it will make you glow. Period.

My purpose, my passion, when shooting is simple....

It is to bear witness to what matters to you, and turn that into art.

Your gorgeous self. Your children. Your dog/cat/bunny/horse. Your love. Your beauty. Your garden. Your guitar. Your band. Your bike. Your biceps. Your skateboard skills. Your joy. Your pride. Your business. Your competition. Your passion. Your special event. The list is as endless as this crazy human experience we are all having.

Let's talk.